The Body Remembers

the mind forgets

but the body remembers

storing all of our lives

in tissue, cells and tendons

the joy

the pain

the darkness

the light

all of it there

just lingering below

the surface

lingering below the skin

passing through the blue veins

in the heartbeat

in the blink of our eyes

the lives we live


the quiet ones

not even we know of


every single thing

every word

every hurt

every thought

every feeling

the mind forgets

but the body remembers


I am.

Memoir Poem for English (2005)

Where am I from?

I am from the oak tree

I used to climb

that is no longer there

I am from the

piano tunes

and faded black and white photos

I am from the

persistent wanderings

and unconditional loving

I am from the

three generations

of Chuck Taylors

I am from the

old rusted swing out back

and the used guitar

I am from the

music loving


I am from the

attention loving


I am from

many things

but those things

made me